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Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Megan Luttrell made her way from New England to the Mid West in 2011, settling in Lawrence, KS. Starting at local open mics she was soon noticed by other musicians in Lawrence and warmly and enthusiastically embraced by the music community there.

Megan has always had a love for music, and has been singing since before she can remember. She began playing the guitar around the age of 14 and immediately threw herself into songwriting.. Growing up she listened to powerhouse female singers like Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, and Melissa Etheridge, whose strong voices helped shape her own.

Her compelling lyrics and powerful, soulful voice make her songs moving and unique. She released her debut album "Broken Bottles" in June 2016, which was featured on Kansas Public Radio's "Trail Mix" program in early 2017.

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Broken Bottles

by Megan Luttrell

Music & lyrics: Megan Luttrell ©2017



Presented by Old 7 Records

Recorded at Hillbilly Garage Studios

Produced and engineered by Outlaw Jake

Musicians: Jimmy Bloomquist, Dan Hermreck, Ryan Manuel, Greg Pelligreen, and Outlaw Jake

Photos by Jonathan Woods

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